Our brand ambassadors become the face of your brand and/or event. They are, after all, the people on the front lines who help to cap off all of your hard work behind the scenes to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

We therefore offer a quality roster of hand-picked and trained brand ambassadors to build the identity of your product and/or event.

In our experience consumers might not remember specific details about an event, but they will remember the people who engaged them and left a lasting impression.

We make sure that all of our brand ambassadors are prepped and trained before they get to you. We are triple checkers, so when it comes to detail we have it covered because as they say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Call Us For: Street Teams, Brand Ambassadors, Special Events, Product Launches, Product/Food Samplings, Conferences, Brand Awareness, Trade Shows, Flash Mobs, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Store/Business Openings, Product Demos, Radio/Televison Broadcasts, Alcohol/Beer Samplings and More!